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Oxford Townhouse Re-Imagined

This home was given the Interior Design version of some serious botox! It hadn't been touched since the 50's (think avocado bathroom suite) and was stripped back to the original brick. Extended in all directions and completely re-configured from its original layout to retain qualities of its period charm but with high end finishes like underfloor heating throughout and a custom shaker kitchen to ensure that family life and celebrating it, would be at the heart of this home.

A Bespoke Interior Design service was needed here as absolutely every detail needed to be sourced, from skirting boards to cushions. As all walls were taken out, the home was designed to fit around the clients' existing furniture, making everything look intentionally placed and balanced.  


The Cabin - Home Office

If recent times have taught us anything, it is that having a space to work effectively, productively and comfortably from home is a key element of our future working lives. The brief was to create an a space for focused deep work that reflected her brand as well as making it warm and cosy enough for occasional guests to use and not feel like they are sleeping in an office. 


With so much glass, positioning of the desk to maximise light and views but avoid glare on the screen was key. Existing furniture was re-distributed for effective space planning. Rugs and window treatments were added to soften the space and add privacy. Colour, texture, accessories and wallpaper were all layered to inject personality to this blank canvas as well as provide a professional ZOOM background given that the primary use of the room was for a home office. Although functional, the client hated the wall mounted air con/heater unit and wanted to make it "visually disappear" so a gallery wall was designed around it, to distract the eye rather than placing art awkwardly adjacent to it.


Form & Function in this family home

The original layout was rather compartmentalised with circulation patterns and flow in the house feeling very disjointed. Rooms were disproportionate in size with the study being marginally larger than the kitchen, for example.

Originally the kitchen, dining and living was to be placed facing West to benefit from a better solar aspect however as the dimensions were too narrow, design devices were used to visually expand the space on the Eastern side of the house - removing all walls that were not load bearing as well as adding larger fenestration to create a grand open plan space because the client requested a bright and airy feel. An analogous scheme was chosen to create a layered, tonal look. The botanical mix of hues added an organic, natural beauty and an overall sense of harmony with a charismatic deep blue to act beautifully as a grounding shade, allowing playful accent colours to feature. 


Some serious Before & After

This studio flat in Fulham started with a poor layout and no ceiling lights, so despite being on the first floor was actually, surprisingly dark.


The client asked us to give the place a complete overhaul - and as they were time-poor asked for everything to be installed and staged for the Estate Agent's photographs. It was converted into a one bedroom flat and by redirecting the flow and the way the flat was used actually made it feel bigger and brighter than before.


From flooring to finishes, everything was new and the client was not only delighted by the result but it has added significant value to their portfolio, they were able to increase the rent (and subsequently their own monthly revenue), and last we checked on them - no void periods! 


Furnish for the future! 

What did your bedroom look like growing up as a child?


Furnish for the future! The key is to curate a nursery or child's room with investment pieces that will grow with them and can still be incorporated in an updated scheme, making sure all the while to be playful with your choices and your colours to surprise and delight little eyes.


Our client's requirements for these rooms, particularly their toddler girl's room was to add a touch of whimsy as well as create a place to read bedtime stories together and in time, a place where she could read on her own - so the "nook" was created. 

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